Bully & Koos Restaurant

The Story of Bully & Koos

Bully, a pug, was the childhood companion of the chef & owner, Francois du Toit, who grew up on a wine farm in the Paardeberg, Swartland. He was a pug with attitude and charisma and was 'King Of The Hill'!

Koos, was a hand raised orphaned black crow. He was the Jester to the 'King'. He hopped, hopped and hopped over to Bully,

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Wolseley, South Africa

pulling his ears, his tail, his hair and if really adamant to receive attention he would climb on top of Bully and ride along on his back, oblivious to how it looked. 

Koos eventually started to bark like the dogs, steal pellets from their bowls and was allowed to basically do anything he want. Sadly neither of them are with us anymore, but their spirit? That lives on on the farm!